‘Mashbone & Grifty: Open For Biz’ Kickstarter Set For March 1st, 2020

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Mashbone & Grifty: Open for Biz

5 Meats Comics is pleased to announce its first Kickstarter! Mashbone & Grifty: Open for Biz collects the first four issues, which includes the debut of the brand new issue 4, “Son of the Master.”

Mashbone & Grifty: Open for Biz will also be the very first time our Private Dicks will have been printed in glorious full-color. Mashbone & Grifty is a satirical action-comedy, about a gullible, happy-go-lucky monkey-man and his pessimistic, cowardly sad-sack best friend who start their own detective agency in a South Texas border town.

Attendees of the upcoming Latinx Comic Arts Festival in Modesto, California and CreArte Expo in Brownsville can snag an exclusive print preview of Son of the Master at the official 5 Meats Comics table.

Oscar Garza and Rolando Esquivel, collectively known as The 5 Meats, are a comedy team from Brownsville TX who’s mission is to fill two roles shamefully under-served in comics: Comedy and Chicano/Latinx Main Characters. They are Storytellers of hope and perseverance, with People of Color front and center. They also have a line of Latinx-inspired pop culture posters and apparel, as well as a role in the Austin-based comedy wrestling troupe, Party World Rasslin!

Kickstarter Perks will include trading cards, drink coasters, bookmarks, stickers, originally commissioned posters, and even a drawn cameo in the book. Visit the Kickstarter preview page to learn more.

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