Iconic Shadow Warrior Class Revealed For ‘Warhammer: Odyssey’

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Shadow Warrior Class Revealed For Warhammer: Odyssey

Virtual Realms, the developers of the upcoming mobile MMO Warhammer: Odyssey, today unveiled the first look at the game’s Shadow Warrior, one of the most iconic and recognizable classes from the Warhammer universe.

Malekith, the Witch King of Naggaroth, threw his world into chaos during the Sundering, the civil war that saw his powerful magic forces aim to take control over the world of elves. When the devastation subsided, the kingdom of Nagarythe lay in ruin. The survivors, left with no true home, became nomads and soon gained a reputation as masters of guerrilla warfare and deception, attacking from the shadows with both sword and shield alike, and then vanishing into thin air.

These Shadow Warriors, the most extremes and dangerous of the High Elves, take on the hybrid role of both melee and ranged fighter in Warhammer: Odyssey, utilizing stealth, evasion, and critical strike to defeat their enemies.

From a distance, the Shadow Warrior relies on a number of attacks meant to entangle and slow the enemy, making them easy marks for further damage or for attention from other party members.

Up close, the Shadow Warrior may not have the fortitude of other classes, so instead must rely on dealing large amounts of damage in short periods of time. Stealth and positional attacks are optimized for surprising the enemy before they have a chance to react, while unleashing high damage critical attacks to make the engagement end as quickly as possible.

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