Books with Pictures to Open in Eugene, OR This March

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Books with Pictures

This March, Andréa Gilroy is proud to announce the launch of Books with Pictures (99 W Broadway Suite C) in Eugene, OR. The shop will focus on a curated stock of new comics and graphic novels, with a special focus on books for women, children, and the LGBTQ community.

Katie Proctor founded the first Books with Pictures location in Portland in June of 2016, where the shop specializes in a wide range of books, including superhero comics, indie comics, kids’ picture books, all-ages comics, LGBT comics, and small-run handmade comics. Shortly after opening its doors, Books with Pictures became internationally known for its stock, events, and inclusivity with the slogan “Comics For Everyone”, in addition to being named one of six international finalists for the prestigious Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailer Award in 2019.

As a “Sister Store”, Books with Pictures in Eugene, is locally independent and operated by  Andréa Gilroy, with the intention to continue the development and expansion of the city’s homegrown philosophy in regards to the relationships within the community.

Books with Pictures
Left: Andréa Gilroy, Right: Katie Proctor (Photo credit: Jasper Proctor)

Andréa Gilroy moved to Eugene in 2008 to pursue graduate work at the University of Oregon. In 2015, she earned her Ph.D. after writing a dissertation on examining the way the comics form is uniquely suited to represent identity. She has taught courses in the UO Comics and Cartoon Studies Program, and in 2016, served as the program’s Interim Director. Andréa has worked as a comics educator at UO and Portland State, has given talks at comic conventions, and worked as the Associate Curator on Marvel: Universe of Super Heroes and as the main curator for Origin Stories: Comics and Identity at the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts. She also runs the educational YouTube channel, Comics Crash Course. With opening Books with Pictures Eugene, Andréa will redirect her passion for academics to business by bringing comics and people together in a whole new way—by opening a welcoming, inclusive comic shop that can serve as an epicenter in the community.

“I’m thrilled to be able to give back to this community with Books with Pictures, which will be a space where everyone can feel free and safe to geek out and learn about comics!” said Andréa Gilroy. “If you like stories and you like art, there’s a comic for you—they can be fun and easy to read, but they can also be an incredibly complex, challenging narrative form. We’re creating a space where both new converts and lifetime fans will find something—a reading group, a creator talk, a new release party, or maybe just a pleasant conversation.  I’m especially excited to bring our space downtown—easily accessible year-round, near the library, and steps away from lots of other amazing local businesses.”

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