“Armchair Expert” Launches Spinoff Podcast, “Monica & Jess Love Boys”

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Monica & Jess Love Boys

On the occasion of its two-year anniversary, the team behind “Armchair Expert” is launching its first spinoff podcast, “Monica & Jess Love Boys.”

Hosted by “Armchair Expert” co-host Monica Padman and comedian Jess Rowland, the new podcast will be an episode series about relationships and dating. Padman will produce the new podcast with Dax Shepard and Rob “Wobby Wob” Holysz. The first episode, featuring Dax as the guest, launches today, Valentine’s Day, on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher and Google Play and other platforms where podcasts are available. Additional episodes in the series will be released each Wednesday.

“Monica and Jess Love Boys” follows the relationship struggles of two opposites. Jess, who dates too much and Monica who dates too little. They approach relationships from opposing ends but ultimately find that the underlying issues are universal. Jess dates in the gay community, while Monica dates in the straight one. They get to deep dive not only into individual patterns but societal ones as well in the different dating scenes. Through meeting with different experts (therapists, doctors, friends in successful relationships, relationship professionals and the armchair expert himself), they explore and uncover traps and patterns that we all fall into as humans and they ask the age-old question- why do we do what we do? However, in keeping with the true armchair spirit- Monica and Jess know talking about problems is not enough. Action is necessary to evoke change.

At the end of each episode, Monica and Jess are given a challenge in an attempt to break bad habits. In one episode, Monica is challenged to give a stranger her phone number. In another, Jess is asked to be 100% honest on his dating profiles. As they learn how to partner healthily with others, they grow into healthier individuals as well.

Guests and relationship/dating/love experts will include Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell, an addiction specialist and former host of “Loveline,” Dr. Drew Pinsky, millionaire matchmaker Patti Stanger, Dax and Kristen’s couples’ therapist Harry S., and more to be announced.

Monica Padman said, “One of the goals of the ‘Armchair Expert’ podcast is to not only talk about the things we do, but talk about why we do the things we do. Additionally, we consistently discuss how to make positive changes toward betterment. I realized there was a portion of my life I was neglecting and relying on unhealthy patterns and I decided it was time to address that. I started this podcast thinking it was going to be funny and light, but had no idea what I was getting myself into! We opened ourselves up to outsiders and experts to critique and advise us. It turned into something way more therapeutic, vulnerable and profound that any of us were expecting.”

Jess Rowland added, “As fun as I thought this show would be, I never imagined how much I would learn about love, dating and the human condition.”

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