INTERVIEW: Subverting Expectations in ‘No Heroine” With Frank Gogol

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Dead End Kids, was one of the breakout indie hits of 2019 with the first issue alone when one to sell more than 7000 copies over two printings. From writer, Frank Gogol, the series was a coming-of-age story that resonated with many readers. Now, with his second miniseries, No Heroine, Gogol is exploring deep themes of addiction, responsibility, and ultimately the everyday struggles of recovery. But, he’s making this exploration through the lens of a Buffy-inspired heroine’s journey.

That said, No Heroine is his most personal book yet and is directly born from his experience knowing people with drug addiction. In this interview, Gogol explains how he is connected to each of his titles, but most importantly how he uses his experiences watching his parents struggle with addiction, as well as being a specter of addiction to his two best friends. Gogol explains how No Heroine is born from a lifetime living with and knowing people who struggled with drug addiction, but loving those people as well. All with the goal of giving readers an honest look addiction, showing the pain addicts can cause while also showing the long, hard road that making amends.

Hit play on the interview above to hear about how Gogol aims to subvert the expectations we have for our heroes and those who are suffering in our life. We even talk about the future of Dead End Kids. 

You can check out Frank Gogol at C2E2 for Source Point Press, Booth #707, and to stay up to date with his work, you can follow him @frankgogol.

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