HelMel Studios and Mosaic Sound Collective Announce Partnership

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HelMel Studios

Los Angeles-based HelMel Studios, founded by actor, artist, and philanthropist Val Kilmer, and Austin, Texas-based Mosaic Sound Collective announce a strategic partnership, celebrating with multiple events during this year’s March festival season. The two multidisciplinary nonprofits join forces in a “strategic bond” to offer each other a presence and footing in both cities, with Austin hosting the official kickoff next month. With similar philosophies uniting the two organizations, HelMel and Mosaic are thrilled to come together and offer musicians, visual artists, filmmakers and creatives in each city a unique bridge of opportunity and synergy.

“The dream for HelMel Studios was to have creative hubs throughout the world. A sandbox for creatives to feel inspired, safe and encouraged to ‘go for it,’” said Val Kilmer. “Last year, when I had the opportunity to meet Dan and visit Mosaic I had an immediate connection. Dan has cultivated a sanctum that mirrors the spirit of HelMel. It’s tangible and clearly a natural fit.”

“After working for so many years to build Mosaic, it’s amazing to find another organization that shares our mission and passion,” said Dan Redman, Founder of Mosaic Sound Collective. “When Val came for a tour of Mosaic he picked up a sledgehammer from my office and carried it through the space, describing how we can disrupt the music industry together. I’ll never forget that.”

To celebrate this union, Kilmer will be in Austin next month beginning with an appearance at the 20th Anniversary of the Texas Film Awards on March 12. From March 12 – 20, the HelMel Studios team will be at Mosaic Sound Collective’s East Austin campus located at 6400 FM 969 Austin, Texas 78724 showcasing Kilmer’s visual art in a pop up gallery space (by appointment only) and on select days. Mosaic will also be hosting a Sunday brunch with Val Kilmer at the Alamo Drafthouse at Slaughter Lane on Sunday, March 15 at 1 p.m. Additional details on these events will be announced. Please continue to check back for updates at www.mosaicsoundcollective.com.

HelMel Studios
Dan Redman (left) and Val Kilmer (right) at Mosaic Sound Collective

On Thursday, March 19, Mosaic Sound Collective and HelMel will join forces with Spaceflight Records to host the inaugural launch of “SkyLab 2020,” a day and night party featuring 26 top Austin artists. The event is open to the public and will take place from 11 a.m. – 2 a.m. at Austin’s historic Scholz Garten, located at 1607 San Jacinto, Austin, Texas 78701. The event will be hosted by Val Kilmer and special guest Matt Pinfield, former VJ for MTV and host of alternative music show, “120 Minutes.” The oldest live music venue in the state of Texas, 150-year-old Scholz German Biergarten and restaurant will play host to what promises to be one of the most out of this world events happening this festival season, including The Black Angels, … And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, Golden Dawn Arkestra, Holy Wave, Residual Kid, Think No Think, Kalu and the Electric Joint, Löwin, The Sideshow Tragedy, Croy and the Boys, Buffalo Hunt, Galactic Protector, Ponytrap, The Human Circuit, Como Las Movies and many more.

“Spaceflight Records is stoked to join forces for what is poised to be the biggest celebration of the Austin music scene in 2020,” said Brett Orrison, Founder of Spaceflight Records. “The music industry in Austin is a tight-knit community of artists and entrepreneurs. This is the outside world’s chance to see it all go down in one place!”

Kilmer has a busy year ahead with the April 21 release of his autobiography “I’m Your Huckleberry,” published by Simon & Schuster, and the June 21 release of “Top Gun: Maverick” from Paramount Pictures. With several film projects incubating and in production, and the subsequent promotional touring, Val makes HelMel Studios a priority, ensuring the growth development of art, music and film programs.

The overarching goal of the HelMel x Mosaic partnership is being forged to galvanize the arts community. Los Angeles and Austin are two of the most profoundly creative and competitive cities in which to succeed for artists and long-term planning is needed to build a direct line in supporting them. With this philosophy, Mosaic is working with Kilmer to propagate his TwainMania Foundation, using art and education to inspire people of all backgrounds and ages to learn what it means to be an American, through the legacy and lessons of Mark Twain.

As the newly-formed partnership kickstarts their efforts, both Austin and Los Angeles can expect to experience an exciting new cross-curation programming model based on Kilmer and Redman’s love for the arts and staunch belief in the power of collaboration.

“This is the type of work that makes you feel like you are truly making an impact and cementing your legacy,” said Kilmer. “At HelMel and Mosaic we are tilling the soil, planting the seeds, and nurturing the growth. The arts and education are our orchards.”

“HelMel and Mosaic share a mission to support creatives by building community through collaboration,” said Redman. “It’s incredibly exciting to join forces with Val and his team. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for what comes next.”

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