‘Cover of Darkness’ Kickstarter Features Renowned Creator Variants

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Cover of Darkness

Don’t Hide PR is proud to announce that the Kickstarter for Cover of Darkness is LIVE! You won’t want to miss backing this all new dark fantasy comic, written by creators George Michail and Chris Cam, featuring interior art by MJ Hiblen.

On an epic journey, five family members will travel unfathomable distances, make unlikely allies, and encounter horrific creatures they never knew existed—all in a desperate attempt to reunite with each other.

Cover of Darkness #1 features 22 full-color pages enticing readers with a gravely lit vampire tale.  Cover A is by MJ Hilblen, with additional pledge incentive variant covers by renowned creators Scott McDaniel (Nightwing, Batman), Alé Garza (Teen Titans, Supergirl), and Cary Nord (Conan, Wonder Woman), all gathered by respective pledge tiers.

The Kickstarter for Cover of Darkness goal is $2,268. With several different pledge levels—from Goblin to Mummy, and all the way to McDaniel—which features offerings such as concept sketches and even original art. The Kickstarter comes to a close on Monday, Mar.  23, 2020 at 11:00 PM PST.  But have no fear, it will take a silver bullet to stop this team from meeting their goals. You can join the Kickstarter now and get various perks based on your monetary support!

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