Ubisoft Launches the Fifth Season of Entrepreneurs Lab Program for Startups

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Entrepreneurs Lab Program

Today, Ubisoft announced the fifth season of its Entrepreneurs Lab program. The call for projects for both tracks, blockchain and social entertainment, is now open until March 1, 2020. Entrepreneurs who wish to apply will choose between the Paris location at STATION F, the biggest startup campus in the world, and the Singapore location at Infocomm Media Development Authority’s innovation space, PIXEL.

Led by the Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab Team, the program began in 2017 and aims to support startups creating innovative products and services, while bringing Ubisoft teams closer to grassroots trends that have the potential to transform the entertainment industry. It offers a unique collaboration model based on mutual contribution with no equity involved, where startups benefit from the mentorship of Ubisoft executives and gain access to a wide range of experts across the entire company.
The program aspires to further explore two trends:

  • Social Entertainment – Now more than ever, social bonding is at the heart of entertainment. Many gaming experiences already offer innovative features for players to engage, be creative and learn together. This season, Ubisoft’s goal is to go a step further, looking for new ways to create socially inclusive, empowering, positive and accessible experiences.
  • Blockchain – Building on the strong learnings and achievements of the past four seasons, Ubisoft reiterates its longtime commitment to exploring blockchain applications for gaming purposes. With the program, the company intends to learn and experiment with how the technology could empower players like never before, creating new ways to enhance their experience with new forms of interactions and features.

“Social entertainment is an area we want to further explore both for players and viewers of Ubisoft content. Together with talented entrepreneurs across a range of entertainment fields (music, video, live shows, etc.), it’s our desire to contribute to creating the most engaging, fun and creative entertainment experiences of tomorrow,” says Catherine Seys, program director at Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab. “As for blockchain, we strongly believe that the technology has yet to unveil all it has to offer. It is our fifth season exploring, and there are still so many paths we have not ventured into.”

If you want more information, please head to their website here.

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