REVIEW: ‘Forky Asks A Question,’ Season 1, Episode 10 – What is Reading?

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Forky Asks A Question returns with its tenth episode, “What is Reading?” as Forky (Tony Hale) asks yet another question. Previously, Forky spoke with Buttercup about cheese but ended up learning about so much more as the unicorn and many of the other toys in Bonnie’s room became frustrated with Forky’s relentless questions. But despite being told how annoying his questions are, Forky is not deterred and speaks with Peas in a Pod (Addison Andrews, Mila Crespo, and Imani Prior) about “What is Reading?”

However, just as Forky attempts to ask his question, the peas have a few questions for him. After answering why he is a utensil, Forky then gets back to the main question at hand. The Peas in a Pod are joyful, playful, and mischievous, making them the perfect counterpart for Forky. However, the best part of the episode is the small appearance of Mr. Spell (Jeff Pidgeon). The character’s dry, robotic delivery matched with his genuine sadness is downright hilarious.

Forky’s dynamic with both the Peas in a Pod and Mr. Spell is delightful. The Peas, for the most part, find Forky funny and are not turned off by his quizzical nature. On the other hand, Mr. Spell is not a character I usually care about from the Toy Story franchise but his inclusion here makes me want to see more of him interacting with Forky and other characters. There is so much potential with the character. Usually seeing unknown or less popular Toy Story characters in these episodes leave a sour taste in my mouth but “What is Reading?” completely defies that expectation.

With one episode left it will be interesting to see just what question Forky Asks A Question tackles in its finale. My hope is that Forky has the same level of chemistry with whatever character he is speaking to as he does here or in, what is still my favorite episode of the season, “What is Time?.” 

Forky Asks A Question’s latest episode, “What is Reading?,” is available now on Disney+.

Forky Asks A Question, Season 1, Episode 10 - What is Reading?
  • 8/10
    Forky Asks A Question, Season 1, Episode 10 - What is Reading? - 8/10
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