REVIEW: ‘Archie,’ Issue #710 – Archie and Kathy Keene Part 1

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Archie #710

Archie #710 is published by Archie Comics, written by Mariko Tamaki and Kevin Panetta, art by Laura Braga, colors by Matt Herms, and letters by Jack Morelli. When a new girl shows up in Riverdale it quickly becomes big news. Who is she? What’s she like? And are some of Riverdale’s other denizens ready for her to steal the spotlight?

As is often the case with Archie this book looks at real-world situations many of us have faced in our lives. In Archie #710, it comes as the fear of losing one’s identity to another. As the story opens, Archie is preparing for an upcoming gig at a local hotspot. He’s hoping his new song will be a big splash, but even as he is prepping there is a big distraction; the new girl. After several intervening days, the big night arrives and Archie plays his heart out. But his performance is instantly drowned out as the new girl, Katy Keene makes her big debut in Riverdale. Everyone is instantly infatuated with her, her own custom look and shining new energy.

Archie #710

Needless to say, by the end of Archie #710, Archie is a little bit bummed. He worked really hard to give a great performance. Now though, probably no one will ever remember it. This may come across as a bit petty to some. Archie can afford to share a stage with someone else now and then right? But we all know what it’s like to pour your heart into something just to have it land with a thud. And not even because we did something wrong. It can be a tough thing to process. And despite his 700+ issues, Archie is just a teen. I look forward to seeing how the writing team of Tamaki and Panetta handles this situation going forward.

Braga’s art in Archie #710 is wonderful. I haven’t picked up an Archie comic in quite some time and the illustrations are everything I could ask for. Each of its iconic characters is instantly recognizable while avoiding any staleness to their look. Keeping decades-old icons looking fresh, and recognizable is a tough gig, but Braga pulls it off splendidly.

Archie #710

Braga also does a great job with outfit designs in this issue. With Katy’s big claims to fame being her fashion, Braga gets to go all out with some fashionable designs. Creating some really eye-catching looks for Katy to show off are a visual treat. Though personally, I think Sabrina is owning the style game a bit more. Less is more sometimes am I right?

Archie #710 sets the new story off to a great start. With some drama already brewing, and some residents of Riverdale not willing to accept the new girl at face value setting up more potential drama to come, this current story arc is showing a lot of promise. I hope the creative team can keep this momentum going throughout the upcoming issues.

Archie #710 is on sale January 15th wherever comics are sold.

Archie #710


Archie #710 sets the new story off to a great start.

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