Holiday Gift Guide for Anime Lovers

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Chances are you, or someone you know is an anime fan. I mean it is 2019, and now more than ever being a weeb, a fan of anime, is popular and that is an absolutely great thing. From toys to fashion anime is almost everywhere in pop culture, which is also great because that makes finding a gift for the anime lover in your life even easier, or to just treat yourself. So I’ve put together this anime lovers holiday gift guide that captures my favorite items that are currently available online through our affiliate partnerships with Hot Topic and BoxLunch. While I did use affiliate links for this list, I promise everything your see here is handpicked by me and I hope can help you find a gift for the weebs in your life.

Enamel Pins 

Enamels pins make great stocking stuffer gifts. They’re fun to collect and make great accessories for decorating denim or leather jackets. You can pick out individual pins that feature fan favorite characters or buy a complete set that collects them all.

Bags & Backpacks

Backpacks make both great practical and fashionable gifts. Whether the person you are gifting needs one for traveling, fitness, or fashion, there are plenty of styles and sizes to choose from. Plus the added bonus of having a bag related to their favorite anime and or characters. 


I’ve recently discovered a new found love (obsession) for collecting anime figures. I mean who wouldn’t want a small replica of their favorite characters for their shelf or work space. My favorite thing about figures is that you ones that captures some characters signatures moves or action shots from memorable moments.

Anime Character Tees 

You can never have too many anime character tees. NEVER. Especially when there are so many types and styles to choose from whether you long sleeve, crop tops, short sleeve or v-necks. Some of my favorite shirts are the ones that feature characters from both classic anime like Cowboy Bebop and Full Metal Alchemist or newer series like My Hero Academia.

Funko Pops

I have yet to meet a soul that does not like Funko Pops. They’re adorable, highly addictive to collect and make great affordable gifts too. I especially love the large variety of anime Funko Pop because there odds are in your favor for finding one from an anime you like.

Graphic Tees 

These tees are hilarious and are 100% relatable to my anime-loving soul. These would definitely make a funny gift for anyone that enjoys anime and also gives them something to wear when they are binge-watching.


They’re soft, adorable, and fun! Plushies make great gifts for anime lovers of different ages. They can be great starter gifts for new anime fans that are younger and can also be nostalgic for older fans.

Hoodies & Jackets

I love wearing clothes that resemble or remind me of my favorite characters outfits. It’s fun to wear items that can make you feel like or connected  to a certain character or series.  And whether it is subtle or flashy these can make great additions to any anime lovers wardrobe. My personal favorite is the Dragon Ball Z Vegeta Armor Hoodie.


Accessories are another great stocking stuffer gift. Whether its a replica piece for a cosplay outfit like jewelry like this Sailor Moon pendant or and an everyday item like these All Might socks or Akatuski hat, I think accessories like these make nice affordable gifts for any anime lover. And they are sure to get repeated use out of items like these.

Holiday Sweaters 

Lastly, it wouldn’t be the holidays without “ugly” sweater parties. I especially like these because they are cute and if you want to participate in a holiday ugly sweater party, this puts an even more fun spin on it festive sweaters of your favorite characters.

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