Six Reasons to Get a Shudder Subscription for the Spooky Season

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6 Reasons to Get a Shudder Subscription for Halloween

I know, I know, streaming services are becoming a dime a dozen. With Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, and every cable network making their own platforms I’m sure you’re thinking about which ones deserve your monthly subscription fee. Well, I would like to add Shudder to your subscription list. Created by AMC, Shudder is the number one platform (in my opinion) for genre film. With horror, thriller, supernatural, and even a Yakuza movie or two, Shudder is the best place to find great content. Since it’s October, now is the perfect time to jump into the subscription service. Here are six reasons why picking up a Shudder subscription is a good idea.

The Collections

6 Reasons to Get a Shudder Subscription for Halloween

One of the great things that Shudder does is curate collections to help its users jump into its catalog of films. Not only does it offer up featured collections, like the “Horror Noire” collection to go with its documentary of the same name that presented a history of Black horror and the “Queer Horror” collection which was curated during Pride Month this year, but Shudder also offers crash courses in horror with its collections. In the “Horror 101,” you’ll find a curated list of films, all streamable on Shudder, that serves as a recommended reading list for those looking to explore the history of horror more deeply. Plus, the streaming platform also offers up subgenre picks like the supernatural collection shown above. The collections features make it easy to explore new titles while also serving as an accessible entry point into the genre for those not too versed in it.

The Exclusives & Originals

6 Reasons to Get a Shudder Subscription for Halloween

Shudder, like other streaming platforms has taken to producing its own content (Shudder Originals) while also buying distribution rights for films and television series (Shudder Exclusives). This means that there are some films you can only watch through the platform. While that may not be a draw for some, the content produced and distributed through Shudder has continually killed at festivals and landed on top lists, with Mandy and Revenge as examples.

In addition, Shudder has been able to bring smaller foreign titles to a wide audience, like the critically acclaimed Tigers Are Not Afraid which allows for more voices in the genre to be seen and heard. Not to mention, the Shudder Original documentary Horror Noire: A History of Black Horror has been praised for presenting a Hollywood history long overlooked and they’ll be doing it again with a documentary chronicling a history of queer horror in 2020, led by Phil Noble Jr., of Fangoria. With new and original content, a Shudder subscription makes sense for fans of genre film.

The Podcasts

Everyone has a podcast, but not every podcast has the horror knowledge and icons of the Shudder line-up. While I’ve become sour on the fact that celebrities have podcasts, Shudder’s line-up of exclusive podcasts is extremely unique. There is a companion podcast to Eli Roth’s History of Horror that expands on the series, there is also Visitations from Elijah Wood and Daniel Noah which focuses on meeting with creators, and then there is She Kills, my favorite of the Shudder podcast line-up.

Hosted by the iconic Adrienne Barbeau, She Kills views horror through a female lens by exploring topics like the Final Girl, religious horror, the “crazy bitch” trope, and more all facilitated by conversations from women in front of and behind the camera. But in addition to this, Shudder also hosts shows like Congeria, an audio drama which allows you to consume genre even when you can’t watch it.

The Series

6 Reasons to Get a Shudder Subscription for Halloween

Of course, what is a streaming channel without series? Shudder is home to television series that have aired elsewhere as well as are Shudder exclusives. From psychological thrillers and horror fiction series to talk shows like The Core, the scripted and non-scripted series on Shudder offer days of viewing. In addition, since Shudder is a part of AMC, the platform also receives seasons of AMC shows like NOS4A2 and even documentary shows like Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics or Eli Roth’s History of Horror. 

Shudder TV

Shudder TV offers up a new way to watch Shudder’s content. On this section of the platform you can choose between a number of channels, currently “It Came From Shudder,” “Slashics,” or “Psychological Thrillers,” and watch curated picks of Shudder’s content on a stream. There is no pausing, rewinding or fast-forwarding, instead, you watch the titles in a way similar to cable. While it may sound redundant on a platform where you pick content you want to watch and have control over, the Shudder TV feature allows you to experience Shudder in a different way.

The Price Point

6 Reasons to Get a Shudder Subscription for Halloween

The best part about Shudder is honestly how low the price point is. At $5.99 a month in the United States, the Shudder subscription is one that is easy to add to your life. The cooler thing? You can get a full year for $56.99 ($4.75 a month). Trade out a cup of coffee a month for a genre film? The choice is pretty simple when you put it that way.

Shudder is available in the US, Canada, and the UK, and while the titles may vary depending on those locations, the fact remains: Shudder is a must for genre film fans. It should be mentioned that another good thing is that you can use your Shudder subscription on a number of devices as it’s streamable from most devices with an Xbox One app, a phone app, and more. You can even grab a subscription through your Amazon Prime account and use it in the Prime Video app.

All that’s said, Shudder is well worth the price, and with new content every month, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better spot for horror. You can grab your subscription at our affiliate link.

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