REVIEW: ‘Swamp Thing’ Episode 10 – “Loose Ends”

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Loose Ends - But Why Tho

Swamp Thing concludes its incredible first season, and the series as a whole, with its final episode, “Loose Ends.” Previously, Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed), with the help of Liz Tremayne (Maria Sten) and Daniel Cassidy (Ian Ziering), who has now completely accepted his mantle as the Blue Devil,  was able to save Swamp Thing (Derek Mears) from Avery Sunderland  (Will Patton) and Dr. Jason Woodrue (Kevin Durand). After returning to the part of the swamp where Alec Holland died (Andy Bean), Swamp Thing revealed Alec’s body, proving he is not Alec and that he has never been human. Now, in “Loose Ends,” both Abby and Swamp Thing are dealing with the repercussions of the last episode’s revelation.

Despite knowing Swamp Thing is not Alec Holland mutated as a plant creature and, instead, a creature created from his subconscious, Abby reassures Swamp Thing. He has always been Alec because he has his mind and heart. But before the two can get much further in their heart-to-heart, Swamp Thing realizes the men who took him initially are back – and this time, they are angry.

As Swamp Thing prepares for a fight, Jason is back with his wife, Caroline Woodrue (Selena Anduze), who previously, after he left to be in the lab with Swamp Thing, had a dissociative episode caused by her Alzheimer’s. She overdosed on her medication. Jason is distraught about losing his one chance at saving Caroline as he had hoped Swamp Thing held the answer to a cure. Jason, clearly delusional, has tied Caroline to a chair, hoping it will stop her from hurting herself or others. How Jason is acting toward Caroline is wildly different from previous episodes. His patience and love toward her seem to be replaced with dangerous desperation. The scene is disturbing and shows Jason’s change in character toward Caroline. Previously he would have never dreamed of treating her the way he treats others – like they are lesser than and need to be caged.

On the other side of Marais, Louisiana, at Delroy’s, Abby updates Liz on what has really happened to Alec. This is also the first time Abby is distraught about the news. Being with her best friend, Liz, Abby finally feels like she can open up. Abby thinks she has failed and is set on protecting Swamp Thing, no matter what he truly is or isn’t. Liz also updates Abby on the situation with the Sunderland’s as the two strategize just how Avery was able to set up a mobile lab in his abandoned cement factory. In the last episode, Avery confronted Maria (Virginia Madsen), who tried to have him killed. With his connections, he was able to send Maria to a psychiatric hold in the Barclay Institute. Abby decides to speak with Maria since she knows that Maria has information about the men who are helping Avery.

Maria’s time at the Barclay Institute is traumatizing, to say the least. She is being held alone in a padded white cell and being forced to take medication. Previously Maria had hallucinations of her dead daughter but considering both Susie and Abby eventually were also able to see that hallucination, it is difficult to say whether that was just another evil dug up from the swamp or Maria actually having a psychotic break. While in Barclay, Maria is visited by Madame Xanadu (Jeryl Prescott), who previously was working with her to get past the trauma of losing her daughter. But Xanadu informs Maria  she “tapped into a dark power trying to see Shauna [Maria’s daughter].” Xanadu offers to give Maria some peace but warns it will come at a price.

As Abby goes off to hunt down Maria, Sherrif Cable (Jennifer Beals) is at the hospital checking on her son, Matt Cable (Henderson Wade), who got into a car crash in the last episode. The doctor informs the Sherrif that Matt had opens bottles in his car. Matt has been struggling since he found out Avery Sunderland is actually his father, even going to so far as trying to transfer to a precinct outside of Marais.

While Matt sits in the hospital, Liz tracks down Daniel Cassidy. In the last episode, Daniel Cassidy fully took on the persona of Blue Devil – superpowers included – and helped Liz and Abby escape the men trying to kill them when they infiltrated Avery’s lab to save Swamp Thing. However, at the time, Liz and Abby did not know it was Daniel. In “Loose Ends,” Liz has figured out the connection to the strange blue monster she saw and the character Daniel portrayed in the movie, The Blue Devil. Ziering’s Blue Devil has become one of my favorite characters in the series. Despite being a very bizarre character, even in a show featuring a giant plant man, Ziering brings a lot of charisma and believability to the character.

As Cassidy figures out his fate and attempts to leave Marais, more of Avery’s men enter in hopes of killing Swamp Thing. The fight between the men and Swamp Thing feels like something out of the Predator films. Swamp Thing, now prepared for what these men have in store, seems like an unstoppable force, easily using the foliage to his advantage to kill. Some of the CGI elements are not perfect but they are never bad enough to take viewers out of the story. Part of this is due to just how dark the show in – in lighting, not just tone.

The final act of “Loose Ends” shows just how much the characters have changed – for better or for worse. Avery is struggling with the realization he has no real allies left in the town anymore, Jason has become mad with desperation in an attempt to save his wife, and Maria is stuck in a dangerous place and begins to see hallucinations of her daughter again. Meanwhile, Swamp Thing, Abby, Liz, and Daniel have become stronger people and continue to fight for justice. The final confrontations between all of these characters, throughout the season, were emotional. Swamp Thing has excelled at building tension. While some of the twists and turns were predictable, they were still brilliantly executed. It is an absolute shame this show has been canceled as it is the best original programming offered on DC Universe.

Swamp Thing is streaming now on DC Universe.

Swamp Thing Episode 10 - "Loose Ends"
  • 9/10
    Swamp Thing Episode 10 - "Loose Ends" - 9/10


The final act of “Loose Ends” shows just how much the characters have changed – for better or for worse. Swamp Thing has excelled at building tension. While some of the twists and turns were predictable, they were still brilliantly executed.

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