Episode 20: Prison School (2015)

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prison school live action

This week the women talk about the live-action series of one of the most fan servicey anime in existence: Prison School. What should have just been a review turns into a full-blown conversation about fan service, when it goes too far, and honestly why it shouldn’t be brought to live-action and holy shit it didn’t need to be.

About Prison School Live-Action: Prison School s the live-action television drama adaptation of the Akira Hiramoto manga Prison School, by production studio ROBOT in cooperation with MBS. The main setting of the live-action series is Hachimitsu Academy, a formerly female boarding school on the outskirts of Tokyo that admits five boys into its student cohort.  The story focuses on the imprisonment of the boys in the school’s Prison Block and their struggle to stay enrolled despite resistance from its schoolgirls & the Underground Student Council. The series aired for nine episodes on MBS and TBS on late-night drama timeslots, premiering on October 26th, 2015 until December 21st, 2015

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