REVIEW: Hardcore #4

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Hardcore #4

Skybound Entertainment and Image ComicsHardcore #4 keeps the high-octane action going strong. Andy Diggle continues to lead this series, with Dan Panosian doing a phenomenal job on the cover art, and Jon Moisan continuing to make things awesome with the editing. Hardcore #4 has Agent Drake making more bold attempts to get his body back, but Markus doesn’t seem to have the thought of making it easy.

The dialogue in Hardcore #4 still keeps its “edge” and rawness. When Drake and Markus interact, you can sense the animosity from Drake towards Markus. Meanwhile, Markus has this sense of nonchalant arrogance. Overall, the dialogue fits each scene quite well for the scope of the issue. Following the events of last issue, the United States military is on high alert and America’s most wanted to break into the country he’s served for his entire life. The government officials sound professional and with an air of confidence, and Lupe and Drake speak to each other as if they’re trying to forge some form of an actual companionship.

The plot for Hardcore is moving quite nicely. It’s really well paced and doesn’t seem to be rushed that much. However, I would’ve liked to see more of the in-between moments fleshed out a bit. Even though that’s not the case the plot is still easy to understand.

Alessandro Vitti continues to impress with the art as the characters are very detailed and the action scenes hold weight. After reading the dialogue I find myself really enjoying the high action scenes and seeing what I can point out that I may have missed while reading. The panels are handled in a unique way with some overlapping or even picture in picture, yet it’s still very easy to follow how to read them.

The coloring in Hardcore, which is handled by Adriano Lucas, is some of the best in the series. The the saturation of blacks and the perfect color complementation allows each page to pop and allows you to understand what the mood of the scene is. The muted blues for when things are tense and orange and red when things get crazy. It’s done with such precision and finesse it’s amazing.

The lettering from Thomas Mauer is pretty solid, it’s easy to read without having to zoom in on my computer screen to read it. The pages feel like they are able to “breathe” as the word bubbles do not capitalize a lot of page real estate. The words are placed properly, the thought it conveyed, and it moves on to the next sequence. Simply great work.

Overall, Hardcore #4 is still a roller coaster of adrenaline and questions. Readers will still be on the edge of their seats to see how Agent Drake manages to pull through and hopefully be able to reclaim his body before time runs out. To readers that are looking for some great action, military tones, maybe even a fan of the earlier series of Hardcore, I would highly suggest that you pick up this issue and give it a read.

Hardcore #4


Overall, Hardcore #4 is still a roller coaster of adrenaline and questions.

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