REVIEW: ‘Hardcore,’ Issue #2

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Hardcore #2

Skybound Entertainment and Image ComicsHardcore #2 continues the roller coaster ride from the previous issue. Andy Diggle continues to hold the helm, Dan Panosian does an amazing job with the cover, and Jon Moisan keeps things in line with editing. Hardcore #2 has Agent Drake now trapped in a body with 72 hours to live. He must overcome various obstacles from angry husbands to attack helicopters just to find a way to save himself.

The storyline in Hardcore #2 is a bit slower in the beginning but quickly ramps up near the end. The action is well paced and enjoyable to visualize with good use of sound effects. The ending, of course, is a cliff hanger but will leave you on the edge of trying to figure out what will happen to Agent Drake next.

Like I mentioned before, Diggle’s writing is great. The story moves at a good pace and is easy to understand that Agent Drake is in trouble. There’s no time for a lull or any “boring” fluff going on as things just continue to move forward faster and faster. The story also just keeps getting more and more tense for Agent Drake, especially with his life hanging in the balance, as well as Esteban and Lupe.

The tone of this issue is more serious as things are more dire for Agent Drake now. It comes off very believable and you can sense the duress and overall stress of him having to save himself and also save the lives of other people in a completely different part of the world. All of this is going while a former colleague, Markus, is aiming to kill him.

There’s also a secondary agenda going on which involved a weapon of mass destruction, but that was briefly touched on, so hopefully we’ll get more information on what’s with that in the next issue. The overall theme I gleaned from reading this issue is the government is in crisis right now, at the hands of one man.

Similarly, Alessandro Vitti does a great job with the art as the characters and environments look great and the action scenes are awesome. The panels are fully utilized so there’s not a lot of “white space”. They’re also very easy to follow. The coloring which was done by, Adriano Lucas, is great.

There’s proper saturation where needed, shadowing is great, and the color palette is diverse. The lettering is easy to read and follow. There’s good spacing between the letters and the speech bubbles are large enough to fit the words without issue. The pages have a good flow to them even with the usage of a lot of onomatopoeia for the sound effects.

Dan Panosian made the cover for Hardcore #2 a bit darker than the previous cover. It does leave questions to be answered since it features a brand new character on the majority of the cover. While the questions aren’t answered in this issue, it builds suspense. The editing which is handled by Jon Moisan is done beautifully. All the dialogue makes sense in the issue. I’m not left confused or scratching my head while reading either.

Overall, if you’re looking for an action-packed thrill ride with good action and great writing, then I would highly recommend picking up this issue of Hardcore.  I would also recommend this to anyone who’s into spies, military operations, science fiction, or something with a character that exudes the “badass” trait, you can’t go wrong with Hardcore.

Hardcore #2 releases on February 27, 2019.

Hardcore #2


Overall, if you’re looking for an action-packed thrill ride with good action and great writing, then I would highly recommend picking up this issue of Hardcore.

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