REVIEW: Hardcore, Issue #1

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Hardcore #1

Skybound Entertainment and Image Comic‘s Hardcore #1 is an intense ride from beginning to end. Created by Robert Kirkman and Marc Silverstri, story by Robert Kirkman and Andy Diggle, scripted by Andy Diggle, with art from Alessandro Vitti, colored by Adriano Lucas, and lettered by Thomas Mauer, follows Agent Drake.

Drake is a drone pilot of sorts for a special branch of the government. His job as a Hardcore agent is to infiltrate high-security areas and eliminate high profile targets by any means necessary. Things seem to go well until he’s paid a visit from a former colleague who issues him a warning to get out while he still can. Disregarding that warning, he’s now placed between a rock and a hard, dangerous place with a short period of time to escape with his life.

Dan Panosian’s work on the cover art gives a good representation of what to expect from this comic. The switchboards with all the knobs and buttons mean there’s technology involved. Agent Drake being the main focal point shows that he’s the main character of the story. The fearful man shows that something really wrong goes down, and the faces of the other two people show that they are also important to the story, you’re about to read.

Robert Kirkman and Andy Diggle did an amazing job on the story. Hardcore #1 is engaging, well-paced, and dramatic, partnered with a lot of action throughout a majority of the comic. Hardcore #1 is definitely an adrenaline rush to be experienced. The art by Alessandro Vitti is bold with some grittiness added to give a much more dangerous and darker vibe. The coloring is vibrant, bold, and rich from the most minute details like a bullet being shot to the major aspects, such as Agent Drake presently at work.

The lettering in Hardcore is done well. When there’s something bold, it’s usually signifying that something important is being stated or emphasized. The language used in Hardcore feels authentic when they speak about technical terms and medical terms. Also, the aggression, when there’s hostility or the fear when there’s danger, is very well captured. The sizing of the lettering makes it very easy to read. The panels are done very well allowing the reader to follow the flow of the scene without being confused.

If you enjoy reading about military and government espionage then I would suggest Hardcore, as it is amazing! Even though it does end on the note of a cliffhanger, it will leave you with a thirst for more. Sadly, the next issue doesn’t release until January 23, 2019, and I personally cannot wait to get my hands on it to see where the story goes from here!

Hardcore #1 is available where ever comics are sold.

Hardcore #1


If you enjoy reading about military and government espionage then I would suggest Hardcore, as it is amazing!

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