Interview: Justin Loar on SMU Guildhall & Breaking Into the Games Industry

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SMU Guildhall

After meeting at OP Live Dallas, Adrian sits down with Justin Loar, Alumnus and Level Designer at SMU Guildhall and Mission Designer at Gearbox Studios to talk about what they offers to young developers. This two-year accelerated graduate degree program is the #1 program for game design and is aimed to get students into the game industry at AAA companies as quickly as possible. They also jump into how YOU can break into the Games Industry.


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About SMU Guildhall
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About SMU Guildhall: Recognized as one of the best graduate schools for game design, SMU Guildhall trains the next generation of game developers. With a faculty of industry veterans and specializations in all four cornerstones of game development, we have been commended for our multi-disciplinary Team Game Production curriculum, which yields award-winning student games. SMU Guildhall can help you achieve a rewarding career in the video game industry. SMU Guildhall provides a top-ranked education, and our students and alumni are highly sought for art, design, production, and programming positions at game studios and technology companies worldwide.

About OP Live Dallas: OP Live Dallas is a premier esports event bringing universities and pro players together for one action-packed weekend. More than 2,500 esports fans, parents, academics and industry leaders attended the first annual OP Live Dallas esports event at the Irving Convention Center in Irving, Texas. The event, Powered by Team Envy and the Dallas Fuel, drew people from across the state of Texas and as far away as Seattle, Wash. and Boston, Mass. OP Live Dallas, produced through the collaboration of eGency Global and SMU (Southern Methodist University) Guildhall, offered a little bit of something for just about anyone interested in video games and esports – from the passionate gamer to their parents to school administrators to brands interested in navigating the exploding esports space.

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