Two Years Later: Remembering Christina Grimmie

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Christina Grimmie

It’s been two years since the tragic death of Christina Grimmie. She was on her way to achieve immense success when Grimmie was shot and killed during a meet-and-greet after one of her concerts. However, her family and adoring fans have done everything to keep her legacy going strong. With her family having just released a new song three days ago, Christina’s music continues to move the hearts of many around the world. It’s quite clear that with her previous hits and new releases, Christina’s legacy will live on and continue for many more years to come. Being a fan of both her music and the content she released on her YouTube channel, I felt compelled to write this article and share some of my favorite songs she has released. Here are my top favorite original songs and covers released by Christina Grimmie.

1. Counting Stars (Original song by OneRepublic)

She performed this song while she was competing on The Voice during its sixth season. This performance was a battle between another competitor, which Grimmie won. Although Christina started her career on YouTube, doing covers of songs, this has to be one of my favorites she’s done.

2. With Love

Some of my favorite songs have been those which a musician uses simple instruments and demonstrates the power of their voice. That’s exactly what Christina does in this song. In this ballad, she talks about being with that person who accepts you for who you are. The soft piano chords at the beginning set the song up perfectly and her voice shows her true feelings.

3. I Won’t Give Up (Original song by Jason Mraz)

This is another cover song which she performed while competing on The Voice. With this performance, she advanced to the final round of the show, coming in third place overall. While I do enjoy the original version, the power in her voice and the way she chose to cover the song makes me want to put it on replay for hours. It makes it much more special for me since this song got her to the finals of the show.

4. I Bet You Don’t Curse God

Yet another song in which Grimmie shows just how powerful her voice is. In this song, she talks about life; how we all experience happiness and tragedy throughout it. What starts off as soft and somber evolves into powerful music full of emotion. She grew up in a Christian home, which was often used as inspiration in a lot of her songs.

5. My Anthem

Probably my favorite song that she’s ever written and released. It’s such a cheerful song that’ll make you want to dance and put a smile on your face. “Oh I wanna live for the moments/ That are gone before we’re thinkin’ about them.” This sums up the message of the song. Her story only makes these lines much more important.

6. My Buddy

This song is a posthumous song released on December 2016 by her family. It was included in a film which she starred in called “The Matchbreaker“. I highly recommend the film if you haven’t seen it. The song talks about a friendship that has ended and the pain that comes from it. Fans have also interpreted this song in connection to her tragic passing. Either way, the jazz-like elements in the song and her hauntingly beautiful voice show just how amazing she was.

Even after two years, it’s sad to think the world will never get to see what sort of impact she would have made in the music scene. We remember her not for what happened the night she died but for her legacy, for her music, and for her work in activism.

After her death, her family started the Christina Grimmie Foundation. The main purpose of this foundation is to “provide financial, emotional and encouragement support to individuals and families who suffer from the devastating effects of gun violence and support for families facing breast cancer diagnosis.” Click HERE to learn more information about the Christina Grimmie Foundation.

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