EARLY ACCESS: ‘Laser League’ – Winning One Laser At A Time (PC)

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Laser League

Today, May 10, is a glorious day: the weather is nice in New York, it’s almost Friday, and Roll 7 and 505 Games just launched Laser League into Early Access on consoles! Now you’re probably not aware of Roll 7 or even Laser League, so let’s do a quick recap.

Roll 7 is the studio behind the intense skateboarding games OlliOlli and OlliOlli2 and also the over-the-top colorfully violent game, Not a Hero. So they have a bit of history with some pretty fun games, but I feel that they’re nothing compared to the hype, intensity, and addicting aspects which is that of Laser League. Then we have 505 Games who’s pushed out Terraria, Limbo, Payday 2, just to name a few.

Now let’s speak on the main event, Laser League. So, what is it you ask?

To make it simple, it’s an arena PvP game where your main objective is to eliminate your enemy team’s players to secure a point. You eliminate the by either playing an offensive class or by getting the enemy to touch your team’s lasers. First team to reach 3 wins is the Victor.

The basic explanation of the game makes it sound a bit simplistic and dull to some –  sorry I’m not the greatest at descriptive writing. But if you have a chance to play it, play it. The game mechanics are simple, but mastering wall wrapping, the classes, avoiding lasers that can change or even go out at any moment keeps you always on your toes and ready to learn how to improve.

Plus, the aesthetic of the game gives a good vibe. It’s like you’re a popular athlete looking to make a name for yourself and they do this without even having a story campaign. They give you this feel via the way you have customization of your character and also the way the game itself is handled. You get to ravel the world to different venues and represent different teams as a freelancer. You also make sure to leave the arena with the victory and experience to gain access to other accessories from the various manufacturers.

So get out there and make sure to burn down your enemies, one…laser…at…a…time!

Available on: PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One

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