How Marvel Finally Got The Wasp Right

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Ant-Man and The Wasp

So, apparently, Marvel can’t go a week without giving us more content to chew on. The new trailer for “Ant-Man and The Wasp” is here and wow is it a great one. I didn’t think I could be any more excited for this movie, but I am once again proven wrong! It is full of so many wonderful moments, but I’m mainly going to focus on the title heroine herself The Wasp and how this trailer seems to be giving her the treatment that she deserves after so many years.

I have been a fan of The Wasp for as long as I can remember, and any fan of the character will tell you that part of the deal with loving her is dealing with a massive amount of disappointment. She has been overlooked and treated terribly in the comics for years, and I had given up hope of ever seeing a proper interpretation of her in the MCU, given how the original Wasp Janet Van Dyne was only briefly mentioned in the first Ant-Man film and Hope Van Dyne didn’t get to suit up at all. Even when they announced, “Ant-Man and The Wasp” I was still worried about how they would treat the character. Then I saw this trailer, and I think I can confidently say that I’m not worried anymore.

I won’t lie, it will be difficult accepting that Jan is not the one leading this film, but Hope shines so brightly. Everything from her overall demeanor, apparent competence on the battlefield, and creative solutions to problems harken back to the spirit of Janet Van Dyne from the comics, while still making her unique and something we haven’t seen in the MCU before. You get the sense that she was born to fill this role and she fills it so beautifully. Her interactions with Scott and the rest of the characters are fantastic and very in line with what we saw in Ant-Man.

Watching this trailer is the first time in a very long time where I feel like they may get The Wasp right. After years of watching her pushed to the side, she is finally being brought into the spotlight. With everything we have seen so far, I am confident that this movie will deliver and show the world what a fantastic character The Wasp is!

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