The MVPs of Avengers: Infinity War

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MVPs of Avengers - But Why Tho

There were so many fantastic characters in Avengers Infinity war. When they first announced the full cast, I think we were all concerned that the creative team couldn’t possibly find a way to fit them all into the story cohesively. But, Marvel pulled off the seemingly impossible once again and found a way for each of them to serve a unique purpose in the story and get a moment to shine. However some characters stood out more than others, so I wanted to go through my Top 5 MVPs of Avengers Infinity War. There were so many fantastic characters in Avengers Infinity war. I’ll try to keep my bias in check, but I have my favorite characters, and that is going to affect this list in some way.

Doctor Strange    

MVPs of Avengers

Now here’s where I backpedal immediately on not letting my bias affect this list. In the interest of full transparency, I’ll tell you that Doctor Strange is my favorite male in the Marvel universe, but that’s not the only reason I put him at the top ( It’s a reason, just not the only reason). Not only is he a complete powerhouse, whose spells save everybody on more than one occasion and make the failed plan to apprehend Thanos even possible in the first place (thanks a lot Peter Quill), his personality adds an exciting dynamic to the team on Titan. His interactions with Tony Stark, in particular, are some of my favorite the MCU has ever given us. This was the first time I felt like Benedict Cumberbatch truly embodied the Sorcerer Supreme from the comics, and I can’t wait to see how the rest of his story plays out in the MCU.


I am amazed at how much I enjoyed Gamora’s arc in this movie. I never was a massive fan of her in the Guardians films, but her arc in this film completely blew me away. The decision to make her the one who knew where the Soul Stone was terrific and her relationship and interactions with Thanos had me at the edge of my seat the whole way through. Zoe Saldana gives an incredible performance and shows just how much the character has evolved since the first Guardians film. I gasped, I cried, and I will definitely miss her presence in the universe going forward.


MVPs of Avengers

There was one point in the middle of the movie where I thought to myself “Do I love Thor now?” and the answer is yes I love Thor now! His arc in the film was terrific, showing off just how powerful he has become, while also containing a surprising amount of emotion. His monologue about having nothing left to lose makes you feel for him and understand just how much he has lost. The creation of Stormbreaker and his arrival in Wakanda were also fantastic and got the largest cheers in my theater. It only took six movies for me to see how awesome Thor can be, but I’m so glad I’m on board now!

Tony Stark

MVPs of Avengers

What can I say I love my narcissists with stylish goatees. Tony Stark’s fears from the previous Avengers film come full circle here, and I loved how they handled it. The inclusion of him being traumatized by Thanos for six years gives him a personal stake in the story, and their the hand to hand fight was gripping and emotional. Even though he endures an insane amount of emotional and physical trauma throughout the story, he still has the signature Stark snark, and his interactions with the team on Titan, especially Peter Parker and Doctor Strange are great. I just want Tony to be able to take a nap and be happy, but it doesn’t look like that’s happening anytime soon.


MVPs of Avengers

I have been a fan of Vision since I first saw him in Avengers Age Of Ultron, and I have loved him more and more with each of his film appearances. I loved his relationship with Wanda in this film, his adorable stuttering and complete devotion to her was very sweet. Paul Bettany gave an incredible performance that showed how much vision has evolved as his own person throughout the years. He never feels anything other than entirely human. His willingness to sacrifice himself for the greater good and refusal to leave Captain America behind demonstrated how much of a hero he really was. His death hit me the hardest, and I will probably miss him the most going forward.

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